$25,000 DB Cooper Bill Initiative

On February 10, 1980 a small portion of DB Cooper’s $200,000 ransom—totaling approximately $5,800—was found along the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA. The ransom, weighing 19 lbs., was delivered in the form of 10,000 $20 bills. Outside of the $5,800 (190 bills) discovered in 1980, no one knows what happened to the remaining 9,810 bills and whether or not any of them re-entered circulation by being spent. Given this, a new month-long initiative is being launched with the intent of determining the fate of the missing $194,200. The DB Cooper Bill Initiative will begin on May 19, 2020 and expire on June 19, 2020.

Eric Ulis, a leading expert on the DB Cooper case is spearheading the DB Cooper Bill Initiative which will pay $25,000 to the first person to handover a genuine $20 bill from the DB Cooper ransom that was not part of the original $5,800 discovered in 1980. The initiative is designed to enlist the public’s help in determining if any of the older $20 bills that they possess is one of the still-missing 9,810 $20 bills that was delivered to DB Cooper back in 1971.

The initiative will provide valuable data that will be used in the investigation into the DB Cooper skyjacking of November 24, 1971—the only unsolved skyjacking in United States history.

It is estimated that among the $20 bills in circulation during the time of the skyjacking, approximately 0.5% are still in circulation today. Therefore, it is assumed that if DB Cooper’s ransom was eventually spent, approximately 50 of the missing Cooper twenties are still in circulation. If so, we would like to find one.

All individuals who possess a $20 bill Series 1934, 1950, 1950 A, 1950 B, 1950 C, 1963, 1963 A or 1969 are encouraged to take a picture of the front of their bill and submit it via text to 425.606.9600. All bill inquiries will receive a text typically within a few minutes verifying whether or not their old twenty was part of DB Cooper’s ransom. Details related to the initiative may be found at https://TheCooperCase.com and via a YouTube clip viewable HERE.

During the next month we will record the number of individual $20 bills cross-referenced via the DB Cooper Bill Initiative. If no Cooper twenties are discovered, the data will be used to mathematically determine the likelihood that any of the missing ransom was spent.

It is important to note, regardless of whether or not a new Cooper twenty is discovered during this initiative, the data provided will help shape the Cooper investigation moving forward and will be used to help solve the mystery.